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Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy, is celebrating over 50 years of thought-provoking analysis, discussion, and review.

Volume 47, Issue 3
Summer 2021

The Virtues and the Audience in Aristotle’s Rhetoric
by  Ann Charney Colmo

Reasonable Foundations for Happiness: The Pursuit of Self-Knowledge in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
by Dustin Gish

Richard III, Moralist: Shakespeare’s Critique of the Politics of Christian Piety
by Dana Jalbert Stauffer

Review Essays

The Philosophy of Emil Fackenheim: From Revelation to the Holocaust by Kenneth Hart Green
by Jeffrey A. Bernstein

Friedrich Nietzsche and the Artists of the New Weimar by Sebastian Schütze
by Borys M. Kowalsky

Book Reviews

The Spartan Drama of Plato’s “Laws” by Eli Friedland
by Robert A. Ballingall

Shakespeare’s Coriolanus: two editions by Jeffrey Kahan and Jan Blits
by Adam M. Carrington

The Philosophy of Isaiah Berlin by Johnny Lyons
by David Fott

Memoirs on Pauperism and Other Writings: Poverty, Public Welfare, and Inequality by Alexis de Tocqueville
by Will Morrisey

Leo Strauss and the Theopolitics of Culture by Philipp von Wussow
by Antoine Pageau-St-Hilaire

Justice Is Steady Work: A Conversation on Political Theory by Michael Walzer and Astrid von Busekist
by Benjamin Schvarcz

Montaigne: Life without Law by Pierre Manent
by Daniel Tanguay

Natural Law and Human Rights: Toward a Recovery of Practical Reason by Pierre Manent
by Jonathan Yudelman