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Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy, is celebrating over 50 years of thought-provoking analysis, discussion, and review.

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Plato’s Second Alcibiades [Or, On Prayer: Maieutic] A Literal Translation
by Eli Friedland

Adam Smith on Rousseau and the Origin of Languages
by Nelson Lund

Book Reviews

Heidegger: Zur Selbst- und Fremdbestimmung seiner Philosophie, by Oliver Precht
by Rodrigo Chacón

Our Dear-Bought Liberty: Catholics and Religious Toleration in Early America, by Michael D. Breidenbach
by Jerome C. Foss

Die Aufklärung der Aufklärung: Lessing und die Herausforderung des Christentums, by Hannes Kerber
by Till Kinzel

The Female Drama, by Charlotte C. S. Thomas
by Carol McNamara

Mighty Opposites: Machiavelli and Shakespeare Match Wits, by Michael Platt
by Will Morrisey

Wakefulness and World: An Invitation to Philosophy, by Matthew Linck
by Lewis Pearson