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Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy, is celebrating over 49 years of thought-provoking analysis, discussion, and review.


Volume 47, Issue 1
(Fall 2020)

The Value of the Feudalistic Relationship in Edmund Burke’s Political Economy
by Kojima Hidenobu

The Centrality of Convention in Hume’s Moral and Political Philosophy
by Aaron Zubia

Leo Strauss’s Walgreen Lectures on Machiavelli

The “Modern Principle”: The Second Walgreen Lectures,  by Leo Strauss (1954)
by Anthony Vecchio & J. A. Colen

Review Essays

Unmasking the Administrative State: The Crisis of American Politics in the Twenty-First Century, by John Marini
by Borys M. Kowalsky & Patrick Malcolmson

The Habermas-Rawls Debate, by James Gordon Finlayson
by David Lewis Schaefer

The Rediscovery of America: Essays by Harry V. Jaffa on the New Birth of Politics, edited by Edward J. Erler and Ken Masugi
by David Lewis Schaefer

Book Reviews

Aristotle’s Art of Rhetoric: Translated and with an Interpretive Essay, by Robert Bartlett
reviewed by Christine J. Basil

Augustine’s Political Thought, edited by Richard J. Dougherty
reviewed by Matthew Berry

Francis Bacon, by David C. Innes
reviewed by Erin A. Dolgoy

Curing Mad Truths: Medieval Wisdom for the Modern Age, by Rémi Brague
reviewed by Steven H. Frankel

The Postsecular Political Philosophy of Jürgen Habermas: Translating the Sacred, by Dafydd Huw Rees
reviewed by Raymond Hain

Plato’s Tough Guys and Their Attachment to Justice, by Peter J. Hansen
reviewed by Samuel Mead

The Lost Soul of the American Presidency, by Stephen F. Knott
reviewed by Charles U. Zug