Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my User Account Page?

When making a purchase, it is highly suggested you fill-in the user account information.

Once your purchase is complete and your user account page is set-up, the Account menu will appear on the top right of your screen. Go to Account> Account Management. There you will also see Lost Password and Shopping Cart information.

Account> Account Management
The menu on the left sidebar will direct you to your order history, subscription, downloads. In these three pages, you will see your purchases.

Account> Account Management> Orders
The Orders table details specific information about your account, orders, and order history.

How to View your Subscription and Download

Account> Account Management> Subscription
Click “My Subscription” in the sidebar menu. Scroll down to the Downloads table. Subscription Issues appear in the right column as they become available. Simply click on the product title and the download will automatically begin.

Account> Account Management> Downloads
If you have downloaded individual issues, articles, or reviews, you will find a list of them here.

More Frequently Asked Questions:

Where did my download go?
After completing your purchase the pdf should begin to download once the link is clicked.
Check the download location on your device. If the product download is not there, check your junk and spam settings for download locations.

Where do I go for future Subscription downloads?
New and returning subscribers must log in to their account page to download a subscription.
Subscriptions can only be downloaded from the Account> Account Management> My Subscriptions page.

Problems downloading?
  • You must be logged in to download.
  • Download subscriptions ONLY from your Download Table on your User Account Page.
    Check the download location on your device. If the product download is not there, check your junk and spam settings for download locations.

When will I know a new Issue is ready for download?
You will receive an email announcement that a new volume is ready for download.

Not receiving email announcements?
Check with your IT, your virus protection software settings, or the email junk folder.

Title not appearing in the Account> Account Management> My Subscriptions?
Has your one-year subscription expired? Subscription status can be reviewed on the account management page.

Why does a customer need to create an account at checkout?
  • Subscriptions persist beyond a single transaction and therefore must be associated with a user account in order to keep track of renewals and other features.
  • Like subscriptions, individual orders need to be tracked and associated with a user account for tracking purposes.

Can a subscriber cancel their own subscription?
Yes, a subscriber can cancel and perform other actions on their subscriptions via the My Account page.

How many Issues is a one year subscription?
Answer: A one-year subscription is three issues from the date your subscription begins.