DOUBLE ISSUE Volume 9, Issues 2 & 3, September 1981


This is a complete double issue and includes articles, book reviews, discussions and special reviews.


The Rationality of Political Speech: An Interpretation of Aristotle’s Rhetoric 
by Larry Arnhart

Manliness and Friendship in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar 
by Jan H. Blits

The Winter’s Tale: The Triumph of Comedy over Tragedy 
by Mary Nichols

On Bacon’s Advertisement Touching a Holy War 
by Jerry Weinberger

On Sir William Temple’s Political and Philosophical Teaching 
by John Parson’s, Jr.

John Locke: Revolution, Resistance, or Opposition? 
by Susan Power

The Politics of Performance: An Interpretation of Bolingbroke’s Political Theory 
by Barry Cooper

Labor, the State, and Aesthetic Theory in the Writings of Schiller 
by Philip J. Kain

Law as the Basis of the State: Hegel 
by Michael H. Mitias

Dilthey’s Essay The Poetic Imagination: A Poetics of Force 
by Stanley Corngold

Historicism and Statesmanship in the Reform Argument of Woodrow Wilson 
by Kent A. Kirwan

Gadamer and Kant: The Critique of Modern Aesthetic Consciousness in Truth and Method 
by Richard L.Velkley

Bertrand de Jouvenel: Order, Legitimacy, and the Model of Rousseau 
by Robert C. Grady

Rawls and the Harried Mother 
by William R. Marty

Ideology and Reality: The Ideologue’s Persuasion in Modern Politics 
by Jürgen Gebhardt

Science, Morality, and Transnationalism 
by Kenneth W. Thompson

Discussion: The Crisis of Contemporary Political Theory: On Jacobson’s Pride and Solace 
by Peter T. Manicas


The Spirit of Liberalism, by Harvey C. Mansfield, Jr. 
by Patrick Coby

Political Parties in the Eighties, edited by Robert A. Goldwin 
by Will Morrissey