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Individual Subscription

$50.00 for 1 year


To download a subscription, you must first set up your user account.

Ordering a subscription activates a Subscriptions table to your Account page. You can view details of your subscription, and download from your Account page. Interpretation Journal does not have IP authentication. Your subscription would allow you to load the journal on to your institution’s web site, with password access.

View Subscription and Download via Account Page
• Go to Account page. The link is located at the top of your screen once you have completed your user information.
• Click Subscriptions on the left-side menubar.
• If you have successfully signed up for a subscription, active links will be available on the Subscription page. You need only click on the title.

• Not able to download? Check with your IT, your virus protection software settings, or junk folder.
• If links are not available to you on the subscription page, make sure you purchased the subscription – and not individual volume or article.