How do I Purchase a Subscription?

A user account is required to set up a  subscription. Subscriptions can only be downloaded from a user account page. Therefore, before you have access to a Subscription Issue, you must establish a user account page. The good news is this can be done while purchasing a subscription.

Purchase a One Year Subscription

A one-year subscription is three Issues of Interpretation from the date of purchase. To purchase a subscription, click the appropriate link below:

*Libraries and Institutions $150.00
Individual $50.00
Student $25.00

After purchasing a Subscription, go to your User Account> My Subscription. As new issues become available they will arrive on this table and can be downloaded directly. Subscribers are automatically notified when new issues are published via email. If you have questions about your subscription, please go to Frequently Asked Questions.

*Library and Institutional Automatic IP Login

Interpretation Journal provides automatic IP login for Library and Institutional subscribers only. Click on the link above for the Libraries and Institutions subscription, and set up your user account. Once the payment has been processed, please provide the following to Interpretation Journal via the contact page so that we can complete the setup of your IP login:

  • Contact person name, email, and phone number
  • Institution name
  • IP number or range, from an allowed IPv4 or IPv6 connection (You should check with your tech department first if you are not sure about this info.) If it is a long list, it can be provided as an Excel, CSV, or Word file.