Volume 48, Issue 1, Fall 2021



Overcoming the Powerful Prejudice against Xenophon: A Debate between Leo Strauss and Friedrich Schleiermacher
by Iraj Azarfaza

Sanza Mezzo: A Reading of Dante’s Paradiso Cantos 5–7
by John F. Cornell

The Unfolding Plan of “Maxims and Arrows” in Nietzsche’s Twilight of the Idols
by Thomas L. Pangle

Book Reviews

Crisis of the Two Constitutions by Charles R. Kesler
by Francis J. Beckwith

Warspeak: Nietzsche’s Victory over Nihilism by Lise van Boxel
by Shilo Brooks

Founding God’s Nation: Reading Exodus by Leon R. Kass
by Steven H. Frankel

De Anima (On Soul) by Aristotle
by Eli Friedland

Hypocrisy and the Philosophical Intentions of Rousseau by Matthew D. Mendham
by Christopher Kelly

Una filosofia in esilio by Carlo Altini
by Marco Menon

A Political Philosophy of Conservatism by Ferenc Hörcher
by Miguel Morgado

The Music of Reason by Michael Davis
by Travis Mulroy

Reason and Character by Lorraine Smith Pangle
by April Dawn Olsen

Nature, Law, and the Sacred by Evanthia Speliotis
by Joshua Parens

Theory and Practice by Jacques Derrida
by Oliver Precht

Learning One’s Native Tongue by Tracy B. Strong
by Charles T. Rubin

Montaigne and the Tolerance of Politics by Douglas I. Thompson
by David Lewis Schaefer

Property and the Pursuit of Happiness by Edward J. Erler and An Anti-Federalist Constitution by Michael J. Faber
by Thomas E. Schneider

America’s Revolutionary Mind by C. Bradley Thompson
by Lee Ward

Recovering the Liberal Spirit by Steven F. Pittz
by Jacob C. J. Wolf