Interpretation Journal – Volume 50, Issue 1, Fall 2023



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The Crisis of the West and Strauss on Xenophon: A Prologue to a Comprehensive Study
by Eric Buzzetti

French Antecedents of Carl Schmitt’s Concrete-Order Thinking: From Georges Sorel’s Myth to Maurice Hauriou’s Institution
by Wojciech Engelking

Leo Strauss and Eric Voegelin on Philosophy and Politics in Plato’s Republic
by Yashar Jeirani

Heidegger’s “Metametaphysics”: Heidegger on Modernity and Postmodernity
by Allen Porter

On Strauss on Xenophon’s Symposium
by Matthew Wells

Review Essays

Returning to Pascal? Pierre Manent on the Lost Origins of Political Modernity
by Alexis Carré

Charles Péguy: Eternity in Love with the Productions of Time
Ralph C. Wood

Book Reviews

Plato’s Symposium and Phaedrus. Translated by Joe Sachs
by Robert C. Bartlett

Leo Strauss on Plato’s “Euthyphro”: The 1948 Notebook by Hannes Kerber and Svetozar Y. Minkov
by Steven H. Frankel

Rediscovering Political Friendship: Aristotle’s Theory & Modern Identity, Community, and Equality by Paul W. Ludwig
by S. N. Jaffe

The River War by Winston Churchill. Edited by James W. Muller
by Marjorie Jeffrey

Professor of Apocalypse: The Many Lives of Jacob Taubes by Jerry Z. Muller
by Joshua Parens

The Life of Wisdom in Rousseau’s “Reveries” by Thomas L. Pangle and Dreaming of Justice, Waking to Wisdom by Laurence D. Cooper
by John Scott